Tuesday, February 27, 2007


An Inconvenient Hypocrite

As I'm sure you all saw..former VP Al Gore's "documentary" An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature on Sunday.

However, as with most things related to Al Gore, the truth behind the facade is well, inconvenient for the former VP.

Gore has been one of the more vocal leaders of the global warming lobby..touting his movie as an educational tool to teach students about the "dangers" supposedly posed by "global warming".

However, an independent group out of Gore's home state of Tennesee called the Tennesee Center for Policy Research has publicized some very interesting information about Gore's practices when it comes to energy conservation. In his movie, Gore calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electrical consumption at home.

In 2006 alone, Gore's mansion (20 room, eight bathrooms) used more than 20 times the national average of electrical consumption in a year for a typical home.

Since the release of his film, energy consumption at Gore's home has actually gone UP.

Gore's energy use also extends to his natural gas bill which averaged nearly $1000 a month.

So..we have the leader of the global warming crusade telling people like us to reduce our electrical consumption in our homes to save the world, but he won't follow his own mantras?

More "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" by the liberal establishment.

Tenneseee Center for Policy Research

Monday, February 26, 2007


Chairman Keettel Profiled in Press-Citizen

If you missed it, check out the Press-Citizen's profile of our newly elected Johnson County Republican Party Chairman, Bill Keettel.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Loebsack--King of Freshman PAC Money

The newly elected Representative from the 2nd District, Dave Loebsack managed to earn a unique distinction amongst his fellow freshman representatives in Congress: Between Election Day and his swearing in, Loebsack took in over $67,000 in political action committee (PAC) donations.

These donations come on the heels of Loebsack's calls during his campaign to unseat former Rep. Jim Leach to reform the lobbying culture in Washington D.C.. However, it would appear that these calls were a mere smokescreen, as Loebsack has taken thousands of dollars from many of the well known members of the D.C. lobby.

For example, according to online FEC records, Loebsack took in a $5,000 donation from the American Bankers Association on Dec 18th, but also took in $5,000 donation from a rival PAC, the National Realtors Association on the same day!

This is a quote from Loebsack's campaign website:

“The most recent Republican ethics scandal involving Jack Abramoff only underscores the need to reform our political system to ensure that elected officials maintain the people’s trust in their government." “So long as Washington continues with politics as usual, few of the changes we as a nation need to move us forward are likely to occur.”

Wait a second..where's the reform? Where's the leading by example? It would appear that so far, Rep. Loebsack has jumped into the DC culture with both feet.

The Press-Citizen covered the issue of Loebsack's PAC money in an article on Saturday. The Johnson County Democrats argue that its okay for Loebsack to take PAC money because Jim Leach was a "multimillionaire".

Once again, the JC Democrats are flat wrong. Jim Leach's campaigns were funded by a vast margin by individual donations. The FEC stats don't lie. Here is the amount of individual donations made to the Leach campaign going back to 1999.

1999-2000 cycle--$387,471
2001-2002 cycle--$576,539
2003-2004 cycle--$528,832
2005-2006 cycle--$487,505

The JC Dems first vice president says about the PAC money, "I guarantee you they're not making any promises to anyone because Dave will do what Dave thinks is best"

I don't know what planet they're on, but the reality is that PAC's make donations to politicians to help influence their vote on legislation to benefit their group. PAC's don't make donations to politicians out of the kindness of their hearts.

Is this the change that was promised by Rep. Loebsack? A return to the DC politics-as-usual behavior? Does the 2nd District deserve to represented by someone who's willing to be an independent, well reasoned decision maker or by someone who is quickly becoming a part of the DC "inside the Beltway" culture?

Dave Loebsack has chosen the way of being a part of the D.C. political machine, and the citizens of the 2nd District are the losers for it.

Freshman In Money Chase--The Hill

Federal Elections Comission