Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Judicial Juggernaut

By: Republican US Senate Candidate Steve Rathje

For months now the United States Senate has been gridlocked over judicial nominations. People can blow a lot of hot air blaming one side of the isle or the other. The fact is, however, that in the end it is not one political party that loses. It is the American public who lose.

There are currently 46 judicial vacancies throughout the United States. That is 46 courtrooms sitting empty with lights off and doors closed. It is nearly impossible to count the number of litigants whose cases are being delayed because there is no judge to hear them. Those litigants are people just like you and me. They are US citizens who, under the constitution, have been guaranteed the right to a fair and speedy trial.

The Judicial Conference is a non-partisan and impartial panel that oversees judicial appointments. That conference has labeled 17 of these 46 vacancies as "judicial emergencies." A judicial emergency is a seat on the bench that has been empty for more than 18 months or where the number of pending cases is excessive and, therefore, in need of immediate attention.

It is time to put politics aside in the Senate. It is time to come together and do what is best for the people of this country. There are people out there, families out there who are waiting for justice. Right now our system is failing them.

I believe the United States Senate needs to take a hard look at the rules that govern judicial appointments. They need to amend their rules to require that nominees be given a fair hearing and an up or down vote within weeks, not months or years, of being nominated.

Partisan politics are out of control in Washington, D.C. They are causing a systematic breakdown of our government's ability to be responsive to this and many other issues. The American people deserve better.

Steve Rathje is a businessman and entrepreneur from Cedar Rapids. He is running for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate in the June 3rd primary election.


Republican Party of Iowa: Statement on Culver's veto of the collective bargaining bill

Statement from Caleb Hunter – Executive Director, Republican Party of Iowa.

“Today the Governor vetoed one of the worst bills to come out of the Iowa Legislature in decades. Despite organized labor’s contribution of hundreds of thousands of dollars to Legislative Democrats and their candidates, the people of Iowa spoke in a voice louder than the sum total of those contributions. I applaud the Governor for listening to the will of the people of Iowa. This November organized labor and their accomplices in the Iowa legislature will hear Iowans voice their will at the ballot box.”

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Republican George Eichhorn launches bid for U.S. Senate with endorsements from top Republican leaders throughout Iowa

DES MOINES -- Former Republican Representative George Eichhorn is officially kicking off his bid for the United States Senate today by releasing a list of top Republican leaders from across Iowa who have endorsed his candidacy.

Eichhorn, an attorney and accomplished legislator who grew up in Davenport, owned a law firm in Des Moines and now lives in rural Hamilton County, said he was ready to take on the failings of Tom Harkin.

"I am running to change Washington, not become changed by Washington like Harkin," Eichhorn said. "In 2007 Tom Harkin was rated the 11th most liberal member of the United States Senate; I have a proven, consistent record of common sense conservatism."

Eichhorn's initial endorsement list of Republican leadership follows.

"I am the only Republican running who has a record on the issues that matter most to Iowans and I am gratified by the overwhelming support I am receiving from the Republican leadership and primary voting Republicans throughout Iowa," he added.

Eichhorn has also launched a website to reach voters across Iowa. The site is located at: "I expect that when voters visit my website they will see a very different kind of Senator for Iowa than Tom Harkin. I will work with Senator Chuck Grassley, not oppose him on issue after issue," Eichhorn said.

George Eichhorn (PRONOUNCED EYE-CORN) has a biography, issues and other information on the site. To obtain a photo, go to:

Eichhorn has been traveling the state meeting with Republican County Committees and organizations He expects to commence an announcement tour soon.

Initial List of Republican Leaders from Across Iowa Endorsing George Eichhorn for the United States Senate:

Senate Republican Leader, Senator Ron Wieck, Woodbury County

Former Senate President Jeff Lamberti, Polk County

Former Chairman, Iowa Republican Party, Mike Mahaffey, Poweshiek County

Former Iowa Republican National Committeewoman, Gwen Boeke, Howard County

Senate Assistant Republican Leader, Senator David Johnson, Osceola County

Senate Assistant Republican Leader, Senator Larry McKibben, Marshall County

House Assistant Republican Leader, Representative Jeff Kaufmann, Cedar County

House Assistant Republican Leader, Representative Linda Upmeyer, Hancock County

Former House Republican Leader, Representative Chuck Gipp, Winneshiek County

Former Assistant Senate Republican Leader, Senator Thurman Gaskill, Hancock County

Former House Republican Whip, Representative Libby Jacobs, Polk County

Senator James Seymore, Harrison County,*

Senator Paul McKinley, Lucas County

Senator Jerry Behn, Boone County

Representative Royd Chambers, O'Brien County

Representative Jamie VanFossen, Scott County

Representative Betty DeBoef, Keokuk County

Representative Dave Tjepkes, Webster County

Representative Clel Baudler, Adair County,*

Representative Ralph Watts, Dallas County

Representative Henry Rayhons, Hancock County

Representative Jim Van Engelenhoven, Marion County

Representative Dan Huseman, Cherokee County

Representative Bill Schickel, Cerro Gordo County

Representative Clarence Hoffman, Crawford County

Representative Jack Drake, Pottawattamie County

Former Assistant Senate Republican Leader & Senator, Maggie Tinsman, Scott County

Former Senator Bob Brunkhorst, Bremer County

Former Representative, House Speaker ProTempore, Danny Carroll, Poweshiek County

Former Representative Kent Kramer, Polk County

Former Representative Teresa Garman, Story County

Former Representative Ervin Dennis, Black Hawk County

Eichhorn for Senate Campaign Treasurer; former Chief of Staff to Republican Senate Leader Stewart Iverson, counsel to House Majority Leader Chuck Gipp, Marc Elcock

*(if noted) Possibly mentioned by others as supporting other candidates, each has provided a written endorsement supporting George Eichhorn's bid for the U.S. Senate.