Tuesday, February 27, 2007


An Inconvenient Hypocrite

As I'm sure you all saw..former VP Al Gore's "documentary" An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar for Best Documentary Feature on Sunday.

However, as with most things related to Al Gore, the truth behind the facade is well, inconvenient for the former VP.

Gore has been one of the more vocal leaders of the global warming lobby..touting his movie as an educational tool to teach students about the "dangers" supposedly posed by "global warming".

However, an independent group out of Gore's home state of Tennesee called the Tennesee Center for Policy Research has publicized some very interesting information about Gore's practices when it comes to energy conservation. In his movie, Gore calls on Americans to conserve energy by reducing electrical consumption at home.

In 2006 alone, Gore's mansion (20 room, eight bathrooms) used more than 20 times the national average of electrical consumption in a year for a typical home.

Since the release of his film, energy consumption at Gore's home has actually gone UP.

Gore's energy use also extends to his natural gas bill which averaged nearly $1000 a month.

So..we have the leader of the global warming crusade telling people like us to reduce our electrical consumption in our homes to save the world, but he won't follow his own mantras?

More "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" by the liberal establishment.

Tenneseee Center for Policy Research

I realize to a lot of the Republican establishment parroting the press releases of rightwing orgs pretending to be the news, but this is pathetic.

This isn't a "right-wing" organization putting out this information. Its an independent group not affiliated with the Republican Party.

They did their own research on the issue and found that Gore is a hypocrite.

How many of us have a 20 room mansion with 8 bathrooms? How many of us have a $1000 gas bill?

For cryin out loud, if Al Gore wants to be the "global warming" beacon of light here..then he should be expected to lead by example.

Explain Politico why when liberals are confronted with their hypocrisy..they instantly go into attack mode and avoid dealing with the issue all together?

One would think that if Gore really belived that reducing our electrical consumption would help to save the world, maybe he wouldn't live in a 20 room mansion!

If Gore really believed in what he says, why is he still using a private jet to shuttle him around the world leaving his "carbon imprint" along the way..

Face it..your guy has been found out for what he is..a failed Presidential candidate and a now failed environmental activist.
Despite what your delusional overlord GW Bush taught you just because the faux news network reports it doesnt make it true.
"Delusional overlord"...LOL that's a good one there Politico..

Sen. Inhofe directly asked Gore if he's willing to take a pledge to reduce his energy consumption to that of an average American citizen..and he REFUSED to do so..

Gore talks a good game..but he can't back it up.

More Do As I Say..Not As I Do....

Cmon Politico...How many enviromental activists do you know that own a 28 ROOM mansion??
I wouldnt take the time of day from ANY Republican still fortunate enough to be allowed into the US Capitol building, let alone sign a piece of paper they handed to me.

It is the Republican Party's own anti environmental wing that has led to global warming becoming near epidemic proportions.

If todays Republican party had been alive when the ark sailed by they would have been holding an industry funded study that showed how rain was a myth of the liberal media.
Do you understand how truly foolish you sound?

The pledge offered by Sen. Inhofe to VP Gore is one that has been offered by the environmental lobby for years to get people to reduce their energy consumption. It wasn't some "vast right wing conspiracy" (sorry Hillary!)

Why dont you answer the question.. Gore CLEARLY states in "An Inconvient Truth" that people should reduce their total energy consumption...

YET, Gore himself is using FAR more than what the average American does in an entire year. Gore is out there, flying around on jets all across the world..making his speeches, etc..and he ISN'T willing to follow his own dictates?

There's a word for that Politico....HYPOCRITE
You have nothing but the word of a republican about that promise.

Anyone educated and of any consequence sees that as enough to discredit that claim.

So lets see here..sites like greenribbonpledge.org and www.saveabarrel.org are merely pawns of the vast right wing conspiracy? Are they not "educated and of any consequence"? If you want to be a fool..be my guest...

Have you even seen the pledge that Gore refused to sign his name to? I doubt it...because if you had..the hypocrisy of Gore would smack some sense into you.

Gore's OWN MOVIE calls for people to change the way they live..RIGHT? Just answer that for me. Now..if the MAKER of the film..DOESN'T follow his own dictates..what does that make him/her? A HYPOCRITE.
I realize being a rightwinger you are incapable of processing any facts not predigested for political expediency by the Faux news network, but get real. There are two types of people in this country, patriots and republicans. Which are you?
I'm both Politico..and I know you're sure as hell not a Republican.. and I'll bet you're nothing close to a patriot.

Show some maturity here..answer my questions to you..

Are liberal global warming sites like greenribbonpledge.org or saveabarrel.org pawns of the "vast right wing conspiracy"?

Do you deny that AlGore in his movie calls for people to change they way they live..yet..Gore has done little in the way of changing how he lives his own life?

The sad part about you Politico is that you're trying to find any way shape or form to justify your liberal masters...even when they've been found to be frauds, hucksters, and malcontents.
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