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Chairman Keettel Profiled in Press-Citizen

If you missed it, check out the Press-Citizen's profile of our newly elected Johnson County Republican Party Chairman, Bill Keettel.

Now dont forget to continue with the longstanding Johnson County Republican tradition of challenging the rights of people to vote based on their being physically handicapped.
What in the name of God are you talking about?


That's right you don't have any. Go find a tree to hug or something
What in the name of God are you talking about?


That's right you don't have any. Go find a tree to hug or something
Its called the Johson County Auditors office you ignorant fool. The Republican attempts at voter repression have been well documented. You claim to have a brain. PROOF?

Thats right, you dont have any.

Challenging a ballot is allowed by state law...If there is any question as to a voter's eligibility or whether or not a voter was influenced then it is the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY for observers to properly raise an objection and have the issue investigated.

It's been well documented how Tom Slockett's office runs elections: poorly and unorganized.

Slockett's office begs for poll site workers up until the DAY OF THE ELECTION..

2005 North Liberty Mayoral election..the polls closed..results had given one individual the win..then magically after midnight more votes mysteriously appear from out of no Dave Franker..who had run a "write-in" campaign..where he didnt have to disclose his campaign spending, contributors, etc a dubious win.

Then due to Slockett's staff incompetance..helped to contribute to the long drawn out battle in NL over the mayor's election. If Slockett's office had properly reviewed North Liberty's election laws--there wouldnt have been confusion in the first place.

2004 Election--Slockett's staff attempted to change the rules about how absentee ballots were to be handled and counted 3 TIMES during the course of counting them.

As a result..More ballots were challenged--due to shifting standards throughout the day.

2006 Election--Slockett's staff miscounted absentee ballots requiring ALL absentee ballots to be recounted again and not being able to give accurate results to the public and media until well after midnight

Continuing issue...we are finding many Republicans who are showing up as being registered DEMOCRAT..even though there is no record of them switching parties at any time..

So as long as we have a near incompetant official conducting elections in Johnson County..the Johnson County Republican Party will continue to monitor his actions and raise appropriate objections when called for.
BullCRAP. If you and your gutless vermin want to challenge someones right to vote, have the CAJONES to admit that you organized an attempt to challenge votes.

Admit that republicans SYSTEMATICALLY attempted to disenfranchise people for the crime of having a disability.

Its been well documented that Republican anti-vote activities are based on the concept of the fewer people voting the better it is for republicans. Republican election strategies are based on the concept of a deep seated hatred of people who have the audacity to disagree with the republican lord god GW Bush.
The "Chair"...We do not challenge an individuals right to vote.. we challenge whether or not a ballot is LEGAL or not.

As I have stated is our right and RESPONSIBLITY to ensure that every vote cast is a LEGAL vote cast. I know its hard for Democrats to understand that concept..but let me make it clear for you.

We want people to vote..democracy is a good thing. However..when the system is taken advantage of by the responsiblity of others to stand up and protect the integrity of the voting process.

For example..when Slockett's office in 2004 tried changing standards 3 TIMES throughout the course of Election Day of how absentee ballots were handled and counted..we challenged more ballots due to these shifting standards.

A "challenged" ballot does not mean that vote is not means that the ballot is set aside to be verified that the person casting it is indeed a legal, registered, eligible voter.

Also, when we receive reports from people who inform us of attempts to influence votes of others..especially those of physically/mentally challenged individuals..we're going to raise the proper objections and ensure that the issue is investigated.
Cedar Waxbrains, let me ask you a question, did you sharpen the knife before you split those hairs?

Your attempt at bastardizing logic to justify the Johnson County Republican strategy of voter suppression is laughable. Its akin to arguing that you dont ticket someone for speeding, you are ticketing them for being in the car while the car was speeding.

And the sheer numbers of your challenged ballots disprove your theory. Though do to your desperate attempts to justify your actions, I can only surmise how many of your fellow citizens you have attempted to disenfranchise.

If indeed what you say is true, I challenge you to publish on the Johnson County website a COMPLETE AND TOTAL LIST of EVERY Johnson County voter that any Republican campaign or any registered Republican has challenged in the last two election cycles.

Dont worry, i dont expect you to do it. If you were willing to put your money where your mouth was, you wouldnt be with that organization.
LOL once again the angry liberal rears their ugly head.

What part of what is involved in challenging a ballot do you not understand??

Simply because a ballot is challenged does NOT mean that ballot is NOT counted. It means that the ballot is set aside and is checked to ensure that it has been cast by a LEGAL, REGISTERED VOTER!

I mean how much more simple of an explanation do you need? Or is it easier for you to engage in hyperbole.

If you want information as to what ballots were challenged and why..go to Slockett's office and find out for yourself.

I know its too easy for Democrats to accuse Republicans of "disenfranchisement" of voters..but if memory serves me was Democrats who tried to have thousands of military ballots DISQUALIFIED in Florida in 2000. Who's disenfranchising who?
Well one thing is apparent, neither your memory nor your brain serves you correctly if thats how you "remember" things. Though I'm sure you "remembered" them that way right after you received your daily opinions from Rush Limbaugh.
LOL. My goodness..Full of sound and fury signifying nothing.. That is what your posts are here Politico.

Once backed into a corner, you trot out a few more hyperboles..a few more name callings..wrap it up with a Rush Limbaugh reference, pat yourself on the back because you think you're clever!

Oh..but wait a minute..wait for it.. OH YEAH..thats didn't answer a damn thing.

Why? Simple..because when confronted with the truth and the facts to back things up..Liberals always resort to petty childish games.

Kind of like Speaker Pelosi did today calling the GOP's call for her to bring the House back into session "a cheap political stunt"..

Oh really? Wasn't it the Democrats who railed on and on about the lack of work being done? Here we are with major funding legislation for our military needing to be acted upon..and we see pictures of Pelosi ogling jewelry in a dept store!

The illusion that Democrats portrayed in 2006 is beginning to fade quickly. Your own base is beginning to crack. (ie Loebsack and other supposed "anti-war" Democrats getting heckled by anti-war protesters themselves.
wax for brains, dont confuse your lack of comprehension with lack of substance in my posts.

You snivel and cry about Pelosi's words, but remember it was a REPUBLICAN who argued it was unfair to expect congress to work five days a week.

Oh wait, you better go turn on the Faux News network so they can tell you what to think today.
If you want to continue with the name calling and crap..go somewhere else. Childish antics aren't going to be continued to be tolerated here.

You have not once replied to any of the FACTS that people on this blog have posted.

If that's the game you want to play fine..don't expect to be replied to in a substantive manner.
I'll post here all I want. There is nothing you can do about it. Childish antics are supported by the Republican party, infantilism has long been a hallmark of rightwing brownshirts like yourself.

BTW, in order for me to reply to the facts you actually have to post some.
Its apparently a newsflash to you that your ideological rants dont qualify as facts just because you cant accept reality.

And don't worry, I've never made the mistake of expecting ANYTHING substantial from Republicans, especially the JCrepublicans.
Anytime you want to come debate the JC Republicans..cmon down..we'd be happy to take you on.

We wont be shocked when you won't show. Because that's what happens when you're challenged.

YOu start changing the subject..won't answer the question.

We know how liberals like yourself operate Politico.

Its too bad that you can't debate honestly and intellectually. You're never answered any direct questions posed to you on this blog..and you never will.

You're quite sad actually. I pity you for being so's too short..
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