Thursday, August 03, 2006


Is Loebsack Reading Our Blog?

About a month ago, I posted about how blatantly Loebsack stands with Pelosi and Dean -- copying their materials for his website.

It seems that he may be reading our blog, because the pages I referred to are no longer linked on his webpage -- Where Dave Stands. The box on the right side of the screen which lists "additional issues," used to include the offending pages, and now includes new, very personalized issue pages. Problem is, he hasn't removed the pages entirely from his website. He still stands with Pelosi and Dean, he's just trying to hide it a bit better by removing the links. You can still pull them up and see them here, here, and here . . . at least for now.

Also, seems Loebsack is taking a page from from another Dave, David "I'm going to canoe across the state" Osterberg, who ran a bizarre campaign against Senator Charles Grassley in 1998. Loebsacks apparently going to drum up support by walking nearly 500 miles across his district. Gee, it worked so great for Osterberg... got him all of 30% of the vote!

And if you're reading Dave, I hate to break it to you. But no matter how far you walk, you're not going to out-work our Congressman. I've been amazed so far this year at the parades and other events in Johnson County Leach has been showing up at -- he's working determined, quietly, and successfully, not taking anything for granted.

hmmmm.... Perhaps the wisest member of the Jedi Council, Leach is...

HR 4411 (Internet gambling ban) sponsored by Leach, a move only a Jedi strong with the ways of the Red Side of the Force could make....
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