Thursday, July 06, 2006


Where does Loebsack Stand? With Pelosi & DNC

I've written before that a vote for Dave Loebsack is a vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her left-wing San Francisco values, but even I am surprised at how closely Loebsack is cloning his campaign in the image of Pelosi and Howard Dean.

You see, if you should want to learn"Where Dave Stands," you really only need visit Nancy Pelosi's website. Take a look at each of the "Additional Issues" listed in a box on the right side of the screen. It appears that he has cut and pasted several pages of his issue statements directly from Nancy Pelosi's website -- his agendas for Latinos and African-Americans. At least he did bother to put a citation at the bottom saying that it was produced by Nancy Pelosi -- one even includes a link offering to sign you up for Pelosi's newsletter. (This is better than our good friend Chet did when plagiarizing from Jim Nussle last month)

If that's not bad enough -- if you want to know Loebsack's agenda for Iowa Familes, it's authored by DNC Research! Why in the world should someone who wants to represent IOWANS in DC turn to researchers for the DNC to learn about what families in Iowa need?

I guarantee you that our Congressman, Jim Leach, doesn't look to DC insiders in deciding what he believes. He has nearly 30 years of experience listening to Iowans and being an independent and thoughtful representative of OUR interests in DC.

Loebsack is fond of saying that he would be "our voice for change" -- but seems he really wants to be a voice for Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean.

Dean's voice is loud enough! YEEEEHAAAWWW. Send Loebsack back to his college classroom.
Well, one has to really consider the source here.. Loebsack couldnt get enough signatures in time to get on the ballot in November, has to rely on copying Nanci Pelosi's mantras and can't figure out what Iowa families need and has to rely on the DNC to tell him what to say.

Oh..btw, this guy is a political science professor..right?
I dunno, the dems are the "small government" party, at least of the two, these days.

Not saying I support them, just sayin'
Nancy Pelosi for small government? Hardly! Only if you consider raising taxes, eliminating the free-market innovations of the medicare reform bill and replacing it with a bigger entitlement expansion, and increasing spending on everything except for our military in favor of small government.

The only thing small that the Democrats want is a smaller Republican Majority.
Wow. Must be nice to be living in fantasy land.

Too bad you lost.
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