Sunday, May 07, 2006


Why we need to re-elect Leach ...

... and help our neighboring districts elect Jeff Lamberti and a Republican to succeed Jim Nussle.
The Washington Post has a piece today about how the Democrats are laying out their plans for a legislative and oversight blitz should the unthinkable happen and a Democrat Majority takes over the House of Representatives. While I have no doubt Nancy Pelosi intended her PR to be sign of how confident they are that this will happen, to me it show how important it is that we don't let it happen. Pelosi says that within the first days of their control, they would be:
  • Instead of the Class Action Litigation Reform of this Congress, passing a minimum wage increase
  • Instead of continuing to work to make Medicare more financially stable, rolling back the free market reforms of the Medicare Prescription Drug legislation
  • Instead of continuing to reduce our tax load, passing new procedural restrictions that would make the passage of future tax cuts nearly impossible.
  • Instead of focusing on important legislative action cooperatively with President Bush, running witch-hunt hearings to satisfy their left-wing base on every topic imaginable.

This last point may be the most important. Instead of any productive legislation happening in the final two years of the Bush Administration, we would be listening to conspiracy theories about the Energy Task Force, 9/11 cover-ups, WMDs, and all the Administration's efforts to fight the War on Terror.

Iowa is ground zero in the battle for the House. Though Leach's opponent was conspicuously absent from the Democrat's recent list of 22 key challengers (showing the Democrats acknowledgement that that race is already a lost cause), Lamberti is regularly cited as one of the best pickup opportunities in the nation, and the first congressional district race to replace Nussle is likely one of the most competitive. While we're working hard to elect Jim Nussle Governor, we mustn't forget these important House Races -- as Pelosi herself has told us this week, the results are absolutely critical.