Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Leach hard at work: Passes Bill in House, Supports Iowa City

Congressman Jim Leach, who only last week was completing a marathon of parades around Johnson County and the rest of the district, has wasted no time hitting the ground running in DC, now that Congress is back in session.

Today, the House passed his bill, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, by a broad bipartisan margin, 317-93. We've noted before the attention he's been geting about his efforts, and there's another story in the Washington Post about passage.

If securing passage of his bill to protect our families and our homeland wasn't enough for one day, he also sent off a letter to President Bush asking for reconsideration of the government's decision not to provide FEMA assistance to Iowa City. I particularly like his last paragraph:

Iowa City has responded as prudentially and forthrightly as any
community could. The request of the state may still seem only minimally above
the necessary disaster triggering level but this is because Iowans are maximally
conservative on cost estimates. Katrina-like scandals will not emerge in Iowa

I for one, and proud to have Congressman Leach, hard at work for us in Washington.

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