Monday, July 03, 2006


Republicans Help Tiffin Celebrate Centennial

The Johnson County Republicans started off the 4th of July Weekend by joining the community of Tiffin for their centennial celebration parade Saturday morning. You can read more about the festivities in the Press-Citizen. More pictures from the parade follow below.
Our long caravan started, as always, with the trusty Johnson County Republicans banner, carried in the PHOTO BELOW by Treasurer Chuck Seberg and new county resident Scott James, followed by volunteers for Congressman Jim Leach and Jim and Margaret McDonald's car decked out in Leach signs:

Congressman Jim Leach joined us walking the parade route. In the PHOTO BELOW you can also see Dale Petersen's truck decked out with all county Republican signs; Rich Benn, candidate for County Supervisor in his yellow car; Alan Curry, candidate for County Supervisor and his family, and Emma Nemecek, Candidate for State House in her golf cart:

Dale Petersen, Co-Chair of the Johnson County GOP drives his truck, decorated with Republican yard signs (PHOTO BELOW):

Have fun tomorrow in Coralville -- it's gonna be a little bit longer of a parade!
Is that Leach without a sweater?
Indeed. though if you'll notice, his photo in the NY Times article does include a sweater -- the world is not upside down.
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