Thursday, June 01, 2006


Dvorsky pleads NOT GUILTY?

The Press-Citizen reported this morning that Democrat State Senator Bob Dvorsky pled not guilty to his drunk driving charges from back in April.

You may recall from my earlier post, that I'm a pretty sympathetic guy. I took him for his word, that he was sincere in his apology to me, one of his constituents. I believed him when he said that he was taking full responsibility for his actions:

"This is totally out of character. It's just a terrible mistake," Dvorsky
said. "I cannot erase what happened ... however, I can promise that it will
never happen again."

Now, imagine my surprise today when I open the paper (okay I don't really spend money to open the press-citizen, I read it online for free) and I see that he is pleading NOT GUILTY???

If he doesn't actually think he did anything wrong, and is not guilty of a crime, what did he apologize for? I must assume he was only apologizing for getting caught.

Where I come from, taking responsibility means owning up to the punishment, not denying your actions or trying to escape from your punishment with some technicality. Shameful.

Should anyone really be shocked here? Dvorsky is the 2nd Johnson County Democrat official to be arrested with OWI. (Tom Slockett was arrested for OWI in 2001, entered in default guilty plea and took a fine and drivers licence suspension for a period)

Dvorsky obviously has every right to plead not guilty, however, his public mea culpa will not serve him well in court or in the court of public opinion.
Here's the sad part, Dvorsky knows he can get away with a 'not guilty' plea.... dems don't care that he got arrested. It's the dreaded double standard - if we were to reverse conditions and the Senator was GOP, then he would have hell to pay.
Any chance of knocking him off in November?
would need to get a candidate first, in order to do that.
Stay tuned on that aspect..Still plenty of time for a candidate to declare and be nominated.
Oh and one other point that I think bears discussion, Dvorsky happens to work in the Department of Corrections at the Hope House in Coralville.

Nice example he's setting for those he's helping stay out of trouble.
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