Friday, May 05, 2006


Dvorsky arrested for Drunk Driving

Democrat State Senator Bob Dvorksy (who is actually my state senator in District 15), was arrested for drunk driving last month. The Press-Citizen has the full report. He was arrested at 1:50 AM on April 20, 2006, after originally being stopped for improper use of lanes.

Dvorsky is a senior Democrat leader -- the co-chair of the Appropriations Committee, the Democrat President Pro-tempore, and among other committee memberships serves on the Judiciary Committee. He also WORKS in the judicial system at The Hope House, a community corrections facility.

First of all, I'm also a bit curious why it took two weeks before this was reported in the press -- but I suppose I should surprised that the press-citizen decided to print something negative about a Democrat at all.

Everyone can make mistakes, and at least in his quote he sounds sincerely apologetic about his actions. Still, it's a shame that our elected leaders are not setting a better example. It's no wonder that, according to one ad by a county attorney candidate, 1 out of every 5 UI students leaves Johnson County with a criminal record.

At least, it doesn't appear that he got any special treatment -- unlike a certain other Democrat in the news today. Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), son of Senator Ted Kennedy, followed in his father's footsteps of unfortunate car accidents, when he inexplicably crashed into a barricade outside the Capitol in the middle of the night. It created quite the hullabaloo when police officers on the scene were forbidden to continue their investigation and the Congressman was taken home by the capitol police brass. After a series of attempts to ignore the incident, then explain it as a side effect of poorly-prescribed medications, Kennedy is now headed our way, to the Mayo Clinic, where he has checked himself in for drug rehab. The Washington Post has an interest piece about Kennedy's series of misfortunes.

Alas, it looks like the good Senator will be running unopposed. Good thing for him too, since he may not have his license to be driving around for a while.