Wednesday, April 12, 2006


WH'08: Sen. Chuck Larson joins McCain's 2008 team.

Any lingering doubts about John McCain's intention to compete in the 2008 caucuses should be erased after tomorrow. Sen. McCain will be in Iowa tomorrow making stops in Dyersville, Cedar Rapids, Muscatine, and Des Moines with State Senator Chuck Larson at his side for all four stops. Almost two years before the caucuses, Larson is endorsing McCain.
"He has a proven track record of leadership and independence that will be warmly embraced by the American people," Larson said in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. "John McCain is one person Americans can trust."
One Iowa blog wonders if Iowans will forgive McCain for skipping the caucuses in 2000, but Larson is convinced it won't be much of an issue:

"It's inside baseball. Iowans will look at the issues," Larson said. "Today's world is far different than the 2000 election."

Larson is the second big-name Iowan to join McCain. Last month, it was announced that Terry Nelson signed on to McCain's Straight Talk Express PAC.

I don't think McCain has a chance of winning the GOP nomination for 2008. He has become a 'which way is the wind blowing' kind of guy.
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