Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Terry Nelson to guide McCain through the caucuses?

University of Iowa grad and Bush 2004 national political director Terry Nelson has signed on to Sen. McCain's Straight Talk America PAC.

From the Washington Post:

Nelson, a native of Marshalltown, Iowa, managed Iowa Republican Rep. Jim Nussle's 1994 race and went on to serve as majority staff director of the Iowa state Senate caucus. Nelson served as political director of the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2000 and as deputy chief of staff at the Republican National Committee two years later. He is a partner in Dawson McCarthy Nelson, a GOP media firm, and the Crosslinks Strategy Group.

Of Nelson, McCain said: "Straight Talk is fortunate to have the strategic guidance of one of the country's most seasoned professionals."

Krusty Konservative has some interesting discussion on this development.