Saturday, April 22, 2006


2nd District Convention: The End

After the platform debate my computer battery died, so I'm doing the rest from memory. The convention nominated and approved members for the various committees at the state convention.

Mark Leonard and Chuck Allison addressed the convention.

Allison got a laugh when he noted that Chet Culver has been successfully sued twice for elections violations. He got a great response when he said that on day one as Secretary of State, he would walk in to Governor Nussle's office with a proposal to undo Vilsack's blanket grant of voting privileges to felons who haven't even completed their sentences. He also mentioned the Mauro Machine, and the dangers of letting it take over elections across the state.

Mark Leonard was the third and final GOP candidate for Secretary of Agriculture to speak. He touted his experience in the international ag trade and banking as valuable assets for the position. Leonard has the endorsement of both Terry Branstad and Robert Ray. He's on his second lap of the state, having already visited each of the 99 counties. Leonard said that some people in Iowa don't even know who our current secretary is. He stated that if he is elected, that won't be the case. (Oh, and thankfully he spared us the joke about his daughters.)

After a few minutes of business, the convention was adjourned. I was a little disappointed not to see Sen. Grassley. He's always fun to watch, though I like his question and answer sessions better than his stump speeches. We also didn't have any of the 2008 presidential contenders show up. I found this surprising considering the turnout 8 years ago. Otherwise it was a great day. Now, on to Des Moines.