Wednesday, April 19, 2006


District Caucus Saturday

Don't forget that that 2nd Congressional District Caucus will be taking place on Saturday at the Kirkwood Community College Campus in Cedar Hall, Ballantyne Auditorium. The tabloid from RPI came in the mail today -- Delegates may begin arriving at 9:00 a.m. and the call to order is at 10:00 a.m.

As far as business is concerned, we'll be debating and passing the platform, electing state convention committee representatives (platform, rules, credentials, and organization), and electing representatives to the State Central Committee. As far as that election goes, I've heard that all three incumbent are seeking re-election. Bill Vernon (Linn), as he often does, attended our county central committee meeting earlier this month and spoke about his philosophy as a committee member. Heard that Mark Lucas (Muscatine) sent out an e-mail announcing his intention to seek re-election, though he will not be in attendance at the caucus due to a military committment. I haven't heard from Lisa Smith (Wapello), but I understand she is seeking re-election as well.

And of course, we get to hear from our candidates for office. Jim Nussle is on the agenda, and I'd hope we'll see Bob Vander Plaats and a number of the rest of our statewide candidates.

On a WH'08 note, I'll be curious if we get any interlopers from out of state visiting. So far, I have only heard about John Cox, which I actually find surprising. I was going through my archives and came across a copy of the minutes from the 1998 district convention in the old 2nd Congressional District. We saw visits from five potential candidates -- get ready for a blast from the past:

Bob Smith, U.S. Senator from NH (was this before or after he became an independent?)
John Ashcroft, U.S. Senator from MO
Gary Bauer, former WH staffer
Steve Forbes, businessman
Lamar Alexander, former Governor of TN (and honorary resident of Iowa for 4 years)

As I recall, we had a good bit of national media at our district caucus too -- I actually found myself sitting next to Wolf Blitzer at one point. In any event, think we'll be seeing anyone similar this year? I'll be sure to post a report after Saturday.