Thursday, April 24, 2008


Vote-by-Mail Ballots

The primary election is a little less than 6 weeks away.

Beginning today you can request a 'vote-by-mail' ballot, so if you believe there is a chance you may not make it to the polls on June 3rd, get a vote-by-mail ballot.

Even if you just like the convenience of voting early by mail, you can request a ballot by clicking here.

Good job of high lighting absentee availabilit.

We are going to bust our butts this summer and fall to increase our new absentee ballot numbers in Polk this year.

I don't think the counties can wait for a coordinated state wide program if the larger counties like Polk, Linn/Johnson and the Scott to Dubuque corridor are going to get anything accomplished of significance in absentee balloting.
Nailed it right on the head with the statement, "if there is a chance you may not make it to the polls" That is what absentee voting is meant for. It was never intended for paid employees of the partisan parties to go door-to-door.
Thats true Tim..

However, in counties like Johnson, Linn, Polk, etc..the Dems have KILLED us by sending out people door to door signing up people for absentee ballots...waiting for them to get them..then chasing them down and putting those "votes in the bank" so to speak.

We may not like how they're doing it..but the reality of the situation is that if we don't counter it..they're going to continue to use these strategies to get Dems who normally don't vote out there voting..

If we start out GOTV efforts with a 3-1 disadvantage based on absentee ballots..we're setting ourselves up for failure.
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