Monday, April 14, 2008


Nemecek announces run for Iowa House

MOUNT VERNON -- Republican Emma Nemecek has announced that she will seek election to the Iowa House of Representatives’ District 29, which includes eastern and southern Linn County, and rural Johnson County. Democrat Ro Foege, the currect representative for District 29, announced last month that he will not be seeking re-election.

Nemecek, who also ran for the seat in 2006, is looking forward to hearing from area residents.

“I thank Ro for his service, and I look forward to carrying on his bipartisan work,” said Nemecek. “There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish for the area, where job creation will be my top priority.”

Nemecek, who resides in Mt. Vernon with her husband, Terry, says a renewed focus should be made on education.

“We need rigorous standards and higher accountability in our classrooms,” said Nemecek. “No longer are we competing with other states. Instead, we are competing with the entire world in a global economy. We must ensure our children are learning at their greatest potential.”

Nemecek also says the state is spending too much money, with few people seeing better services as a result.

“Too often, politicians forget that it’s our money first,” said Nemecek. “Families are struggling with rising health care costs and soaring fuel costs. The last thing we need is to take even more money from the pockets of Iowans.”

Nemecek says she will oppose any new tax increases, and will instead focus on efforts to lower them, knowing that there are places in the budget that can be cut without disrupting vital services.

“At a time when families are cautious to not waste their own money, I believe government should take the same steps,” said Nemecek.

Nemecek says she knocked on nearly every door in the district during her first run, which has given her a unique insight into the needs of the area. She plans to continue meeting with every voter possible, listening to the needs and suggestions on how to make state government better.

The election will be held this November.