Thursday, March 20, 2008


Loebsack Disappoints Again....

In what is becoming a far too familiar storyline since being elected, contrary to promises he and other Democrats made before taking office, Rep. David Loebsack today defended the secretive Congressional earmark spending process.
Loebsack also stated that "he had not decided" whether or not to publically disclose the earmarks that he is submitting for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1st.
Yet, he has previously stated that he "believes that the spending process should be more open and transparent and subject to scrutiny from the public"
Apparently, Rep. Loebsack forgets about a committment that he and the majority House Democratic leadership made when they took control in 2007...
The following is from Taxpayers for Common Sense's website..
"House leadership made new earmark disclosure rules a centerpiece of their “First 100 Hours” reform agenda, pledging to provide lists of earmarks and congressional requesters before bills went to the floor for votes. In addition, lawmakers were to submit request letters identifying beneficiaries and addresses or locations for the earmarks. These letters would be made available for public inspection. This resulted in close to 10,000 request letters being made public and earmark sponsor information available before the House voted on the bills. However, House leadership never promised to make the information available on the Internet, let alone in a user-friendly format. Inquiring minds seeking request letters were required to physically visit appropriations committee office in Washington, D.C."
So, Rep. Loebsack..what about it? Why havent you honored the committment that you and your fellow House Democrats made when you took control in 2007?
You can't have it both ways, Rep. Loebsack.... Once again, you and your fellow Democrats are going back on promises made that helped to bring your party to the majority in 2006..
You said that you were "Our Voice For Change"....once again..seems like you're more than willing to be just another out of touch "Inside the Beltway" politician....