Saturday, June 23, 2007


Dogs Registered to Vote...Shows Flawed Voter Registration System

A woman in Seattle, Washington has made a very eloquent point to prove that relaxation of voter registration laws can lead to potential abuse and fraud.

Jane Balogh, who owns an Australian shepard-terrier mix she has named "Duncan M. McDonald"..decided that she was going to make a statement about how easy it was for non-citizens to vote in Washington due to the relaxation of voter registration laws.

In Washington, a person's telephone bill may be used as "identification" to register to, Ms. Balogh put the telephone bill in her dog's name..used the bill to register the dog to vote, and in 3 elections submitted voided ballots in his name.

The tipoff for authorities--one of the ballot envelopes was signed with a picture of a paw print!

Elections authorities were none too happy with Ms. Balogh..and prosecuted her.... Ms. Balgoh agreed to plea to a misdemeanor offense of making a false statement to a public official..

Ms. Balogh admits to breaking the law..but she states that she did it to prove a larger point--that the system is far too easy for someone to commit fraud.

Iowa's voter registration laws are now very similar to what Washington's are....could the same thing happen here?

Vote protest puts woman in doghouse.

Let me ask you, does a arsonist burning down a building show the flaws in smoke detectors?

The woman is a criminal and deserves to be jailed for her actions. I know the Republicans would love to harken back to the days of poll taxes and literacy tests (that damn pesky constitution again) but too bad.
Could a criminal Republican do something idiotic because in their deluded mind it proves a nonexistent point? SURE THEY COULD.

Is your broad sweeping statement to indict another political viewpoint with facts and history, or simply to further reveal your own prejudices as a partisan political hack? At the time of literacy tests and poll taxes in the Reconstruction Era the Confederacy was dominated by Democrats, not Republicans. Republican hands are completely clean either, but many standing in the schoolhouse door opposing integration in the 50’s and 60’s were Democrats.

The problem with our political process, at least from the viewpoint of political independent like me, is not enough choices, no real debate about ideas, and resultant political spear throwing that you and Mr. Wax-wing are engaged in. I was active in the Democratic Party for a couple decades, and the selection process for president is dominated by teachers unions, retired or active professors, and public service unions. And woe unto whoever is not in lock-step with the socialist Left and suggests that the free market system has merit, even to those who are by and large ignorant of it.
Attending Republican gatherings seems the reverse side of the same dysfunctional coin; what appears to be a party dominated by the Christian Right, litmus tests on abortion, prayer, lockstep support of whatever corporate welfare happens to be underway at the moment.
So, in closing, I was just looking through Iowa related political blogs and ran across this one. Didn’t want to get in the middle of a scrap, but thought Politico’s comment was a bit over the top about poll taxes, etc. Now you guys can get back at each other.
politco, are you insane?

The liberal position on elections could not have any legitimate purpose, only cheating.
Oh please, this from a JCRepublican, an organization who dedicated itself to disenfranchising as many of their fellow Johnson county residents as possible?

Newsflash sporer, try actually letting people vote instead of having a court appointed by your candidates daddy decide the winner and you can then lecture me on something.
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