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Loebsack--Defends Ethics Challenged Murtha

Once again, the freshman Congressman from Iowa's 2nd District has managed to find a way to avoid keeping the campaign promises that he made to voters in the 2nd District.

Yesterday, on a vote of 219-189, Democrats in the House voted to table a resolution that would have reprimanded Rep. Jack Murtha (D-Pa) for violating House ethics rules.

The privilege resolution was introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Rogers, accuses Murtha of violating the House ethics rules passed in January that require each member who wants to slip into any bill a spending project for their district to identify himself or herself.

Rogers, a former FBI agent, claims he tried to cut $23 million in funding for the National Drug Intelligence Center because the program is redundant and wasteful. But the center is located in Murtha's Pennsylvania district, which Rogers says he didn't realize because Murtha, the seventh-ranking lawmaker in the House in terms of seniority, slipped the funding into the intelligence authorization bill without identifying himself.

The resolution says Murtha then personally threatened Rogers with never allowing another spending project by Rodgers to come up for a vote in the House.

It recounted the conversation in the House chamber on May 17.

"I hope you don't have any earmarks in the defense appropriation bill because they are gone and you will not get any earmarks now and forever," the resolution claims Murtha said in so many words.

House rules also prohibit members from limiting other's projects solely based on voting record.

Murtha has not denied making the threat to Rodgers, nor has he apologized to Rep. Rodgers for it.

Newly elected Rep. Dave Loebsack voted with his party to table the resolution, effectively killing the reprimand.

This is a quote from Rep. Loebsack's campaign website about "Where Dave Stands--Good Government"

"I am committed to genuine reforms that protect our rights and ensure that elected officials act appropriately. So long as Washington continues with politics as usual, few of the changes we as a nation need to move us forward are likely to occur."

Hmm..Guess that commitment doesn't hold true if a fellow Democrat is the one who is ethically challenged. Those little ethics rule changes that you made in big deal, right Rep. Loebsack?

Unfortunately, this is just another example of Rep. Loebsack's attitude of "Do As I Do, Not As I Say" to the voters of the 2nd District of Iowa.

There is a group from Iowa leading the fight to boat Murtha. Visit:

You can help expose the truth.
US President Tim Kalemkarian, US Senate Tim Kalemkarian, US House Tim Kalemkarian: best major candidate.
Yeah can you imagine the nerve of Dave Loebsack refusing to allow a pointless censure for a nonexistent rules violation.

The nerve of that man.

Oh for the days of the mealymouthed mock moderate of the midwest Jim Leach. There we could rely on his continuous sycophantism on any issues convenient to the rightwing.
Oh Politico, where do you come off saying anything negative about Jim Leach? So far Loebsack has only shown he doesn't even have an ounce of Jims's integrity!

Why is it the Dems love to point fingers and accuse Republicans with any and ALL things they imagine or think is wrong. But let it be shown or brought up where a Dem has done something wrong or shady not a word should, or better be, said about it; because then you are attacking the poor obviously innocent person.

And my parents couldn't understand WHY I am a Republican. If they were still living I think I could appeal to their common sense and even get them to change their party. Of the seven children they raised there are only two who are still (some of us never were) Dems. And fortunately they aren't even registered to vote!
I'll tell you exactly where I come off.

1)His decades of sycophantism to the Republican party,

2)his complete inability to even get federal aid for Iowa City when it was hit by tornadoes,

3) his outright LIES to the Iowa public about his political stances,

4)Next to no legislative accomplishments to speak of

Just how many failures of The mealymouthed mock moderate do you need?

The fact that some misguided people viewed Leach as a moderate speaks more of the vermin populating the Iowa Republican party than it does of Leach himself.

And all Loebsack did was deal with a bogus ethics charge by an immoral republican. I know republicans are so disgusted by the idea of actually having to prove a charge that they try to avoid it whenever possible, but this is ridiculous. The charge against Murtha was never proven, the individual making the charge was proven to be of at best QUESTIONABLE morality.

Loebsack did the right thing and all you can do is watch the faux news network ans snivel about how unfair it is that a republican has to actually back up a charge now that adults are running congress.

Why dont you go back to drooling while you listen to Rush Limbaugh and leave politics for those of us who actually know the difference between a Republican and an American.
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