Saturday, March 24, 2007


Tancredo Visits Johnson County

Johnson County Republicans hosted their Fourth Annual Spring Spaghetti Dinner last night with special guest, Congressman Tom Tancredo. You can see the Press-Citizen's report here.

Now was it a "bring your own white hood" event, or did Tancredo's campaign furnish them?
Tancredo is a good man. Hopefully, Rep. Duncan Hunter will also be invited to speak.

I'm hoping the alternative media will give people such as Hunter and Tancredo more attention since they are CONSERVATIVES.
Politico..or perhaps we should rename you "Clueless".

You have no clue about Tancredo's positions, nor about his character.

You truly are an angry individual.. You really should seek some therapy..could do you a world of good. Going through life as angry as you are isn't healthy.

Then again, I've never met a happy liberal.
Waxwing, or perhaps I should rename you "Bushbot".

I know plenty about Tancredos demonstrated position opposing the "wrong kind" of (ie non white) Americans.

You truly are an unintelligent immoral individual. You should really seek some schooling..could do you a world of good. Going through life as immoral and unintelligent as you are isnt healthy.

Then again, I've never met an intelligent or moral conservative.
Wow.. I doubt that there was a single ounce of common sense in either of your posts here..oh thats was all hyperbole and name calling..

So let me get this straight..if a political candidate wants to secure our borders..not give amnesty to individuals who broke our laws and believes that if you want to immigrate here fine, but be expected to learn our language..that you're "immoral" and "unintelligent".

If that's so, you had better talk to some of your Democratic presidential candidates because I've heard many of them say the same things to Iowans on the campaign trail.

How about you answer this you know what Mexico does to an individual who crosses into their border illegally? They're immediately thrown into jail..

Mexico insists that every immigrant shall do his duty in the form of actual useful skills or have a pension from their native lands.

The Mexican police, traditionally corrupt and brutal towards their own citizens..are even more so towards illegal immigrants, mostly from Central America.

The point being here is this..Tancredo and others like him want to simply do one thing first..ENFORCE OUR LAWS. How in the name of God is that "immoral"
There is something funny about the irony in you calling me "clueless" but then sniveling about how mean I am when i call you names.

But then you aren't a true bushbot if you aren't a flaming hypocrite.

You complain about the mexican police being traditionally corrupt and brutal toward their own citizens. Gee maybe the Bushbot who ran guantanamo bay gave them a few tips.

Oh wait, i forgot, when we do it its "hazing".
Politico.. Again..if you had some common'd see that you were called "Clueless" because you have NO IDEA what Tancredo's position on immigration is.. its very simple..even someone like you should be able to understand three little words..


Democrats and Republicans voted for the laws...they got passed..yet, we ain't enforcing them.

When we do enforce the laws..we got guys like you screaming at the top of your lungs about "racism" or how "immoral" it is..

Why don't you talk to some your Democratic candidates running for President. I've been to several forums where they have caught absolute hell from union members about the jobs that are being taken by undocumented workers.

They give lip service to it..but they aren't offering any solutions to the problem.

Why do you think that is Politico...could it be because the Democrats look at this as a potential new voting bloc? No..not them..
If you were capable of independent thought other than what you were ordered to believe by Rush Limbaugh or the Faux News network you would understand one simple thing.


Why do you think Tancredo opposes rights for anyone other than white americans could it be they are afraid of people actually doing what is right rather than what is for the political expediency of the RNC?

You're a coward Politico.

You've never posted anything of substance on this blog...and anytime you're resort to petty, childish name calling.

The sad part about it all is that is the best that you can do...
Tom Tancredo - along with border state Congressmen Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul - all recognize that the open border is THE most important part of homeland security.

If Tancredo used the term "wetback" you should only be offended if your back got wet swimming across the Rio Grande, as that is the derivation of the term - it is not derogatory.
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