Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Endorse Clinton...Get Your Bills Paid!

Former Governor Tom Vilsack is "reaping" the reward of endorsing his previous opponent for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton.

Clinton's campaign has agreed to pay off over $400,000 in campaign debt accumulated by Tom Vilsack in his embarassingly short presidential campaign.

A Clinton spokesman says that suggestions of a quid pro quo is "ridiculous". Or is it?

Last week, Vilsack sent an email out to his former supporters, begging them to help retire his debt his campaign incurred...

On Monday, Vilsack sent out an email to Clinton supporters telling them he now planned to help Clinton win the Iowa caucuses. Clinton also named Vilsack her national campaign co-chair as well.

The help for Vilsack comes on the heels of one Clinton's top supporters in New Hampshire is having to dispute reports that he was promised an ambassadorship in exchange for an endorsement. Bill Shaheen, in an interview with the AP..said such reports of any promises were "wrong"...

Now, I don't know about you, but let's be honest here. Tactics like this are not below Team Clinton to pull off. Its been widely rumored in Iowa that Vilsack's run for President was merely as a way to position himself to be a vice-presidential candidate or for a plum Cabinet position if a Democrat was elected President in 2008.

Or perhaps Sen. Clinton has discovered a new business opportunity in the banking industry. Remember the incredible luck she had in the cattle futures market? Turning $1000 into over $100,000 in less than 10 months...nothing like getting a 100% return on your investment!

That's a 10,000% return. A 100% return would have merely doubled her money in ten months.
Given the Bush Regime and their unlimited no bid contracts to Halliburton as well as their MULTIPLE findings of criminal billing practices, do you really want to get into a discussion of who got what for nothing?

IF you want to spin more about Haliburton et al.. whatever..

The point here is that Clinton bought and paid for Vilsack's doubt about it.

Just like how PAC's are buying off our "wonderful" freshman Congressman Loebsack...even you have to admit that taking in over 100 grand in PAC donations in less than 4 months shows the "For Sale" sign is out at the Loebsack offices.

IF you want to continue to justify the bush regime paying haliburton for the pleasure of stealing from American taxpayers...whatever..

The point here is that you are nothing but a bunch of desperate Bush hacks. Vichy Americans so intent on justifying your support for Bush that there is no idiotic leap of logic you will not make. No doubt about it.

Just as you have to admit your former mock moderate Jim "The Taxpayer" Leach didn't accept Pac Contributions, he simply took their money held onto it for months to years at a time before OFFICIALLY returning it at a later date. He didn't take CONTRIBUTIONS, but he sure took interest free loans to run his campaign on.
Mock moderate??

Hmm..lets see here a Republican who voted against the war, was pro-choice, supported embryonic stem cell research is a "mock moderate?"

Wow..I really would love to know what color the sky is in your world.

And once again, your statements are so out of whack with reality its not even funny.

Every single PAC that ever tried to give Leach money had that money returned in full.

Johnson County Democrats keep on using the tired ol line that "Leach was a millionaire..he could afford it", etc..

Go look at the FEC records. Leach only gave himself less than 250 grand during any of his campaigns. Leach's campaigns were funded in large part by over 3000 individual donations made to his campaigns.

Compare that with PACman Loebsack who only got 400 individual donations in 2006.

Why don't you just accept the fact that your guy is a bought and paid for member of Congress...

Just remember..what the PAC's give..they can take away...
Hes a Republican who voted that way ONLY during election years, ONLY after the majority vote was already cast making his vote meaningless. He NEVER spoke out on those votes or made ANY efforts to convince Republicans to vote otherwise. He NEVER criticized Republican leadership in any meaningful fashion.

I lived in Johnson County for over ten years and every election i would ask him if he could name a single time where he voted against the wishes of the Republican leadership and the vote went against his own party. He could never even name a single time.

Even the rag known as the Press Citizen became more and more desperate to justify their endorsements of him. During his 2004 race against Dave Franker the paper argued it was unfair to hold his vote history against him.

Apparently I used too many multi syllable words in my last post and it was too tough for you to comprehend, so let me try again. Leach did return Pac moneys, but only months to YEARS after it was donated. He would use it as an interest free loan to finance his campaign. Your delusional rantings to the contrary that is the case.
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