Sunday, January 14, 2007


Pelosi Exempts Home-Town Business from Min Wage

Well our friends on the left have once again shown their true colors. New Speaker Nanci Pelosi has decided to can ethics and exempt a company based in her district from having to comply with the proposed increase in the minimum wage.

StarKist Tuna owned by DelMonte Corporation has a tuna factory based on the U.S. territory of American Samoa, which employs about 500 workers many of whom are paid at minimum wage. So...what's so special about DelMonte??

DelMonte is based in Pelosi's district in San Francisco.

(Update 1/15--New information reveals that Speaker Pelosi's husband currently owns about $17 million in DelMonte stock!)--What was that about "most ethical Congress in history, Madame Speaker?

I guess if you're a Democrat that has a district with a company that might have the ability to funnel large sums of contributions to your campaign someday or help your family's stock fortunes..and you need to exert a little influence on legislation for them--that's OK...

If you're a automatically are part of the "Culture of Corruption" Democrat could possibly ever be corrupt....

Some minimum wage workers are more equal than others...
You're right, it's not only republicans that are doing this. You have hit the nail on the head. Why are you trying to make this a partisan issue? Are you one of Rush's bots? This is not a partisan issue, it's an issue all Americans should be outraged about, just as they should be when a Republican does it. Wake up.
1st off Anon..Show some guts and don't post anon.

2. Republicans that traded favors for legislation got nailed Anon..or does Bob Ney or Duke Cunningham not ring a bell for you?

Pelosi's family has a personal stake in DelMonte's fortunes..fortunes that might go down if they have to pony up tons of money to workers.

The point we make is this...If Democrats do this..nothing happens..they're praised..they're worshipped......If a Republican is accused of even the slightest impropriety...its off with their heads.

The double standard here is blatant it stinks up the room like the Dennis Kucinich campaign.
Pelosi made this exception just for one small part of one division located in Somoa, not anywhere in these 50 Nifty United States, and certainly not for the entire company of DelMonte.

I doubt this has any effect on DelMonte, let alone Pelosi's alleged stock in the company.

What a dumb allegation - not even Drudge thinks this is newsworthy.
Alleged stock?? its quite clear, ANON that Pelosi's husband owns well over 17 million in DelMonte stock..

You're missing the entire point here..which isnt surprising for a liberal anon... The Democrats HAMMERED Republicans who had or were perceived to have gotten favors for favorable legislative action.

Here's the leader of the Democrats in Congress...and whoops..right out the have an example of Speaker Pelosi appearing to have helped influence action to benefit a company in which her family has a personal stake.

Do you not see the hypocrisy here?
I am right on with you. It infuriates me the height and depth of the corruption. I don't know how Pelosi can sleep at night peacefully. The mainstream media sheds no light on the Samoa exemption from the minimum wage increase, but the pearls and jet get plenty of 15 min fame.
It's a rotten matter of politics. Fed up with it... Why not just work for better future?
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