Sunday, December 03, 2006


Still More on Leach's Next Step

Just a few more quick links to stories on Leach's transition out of Congress.

Yesterday, the Press-Citizen reported on Friday's reception hosted by the University of Iowa. The story includes some comments from Dan Gable, who was brought into politics by Leach:

Dan Gable, who won 15 national wrestling titles when he coached the
Hawkeyes, said in his speech that Leach encouraged him to participate in

"Jim Leach, we do have wrestling in common," said Gable, who is now
an assistant to coach Tom Brands.

Gable, who pondered a gubernatorial run several years ago, said Leach "actually turned my ear to politics."

"It kind of gave me the chance to broaden my horizon. And it actually helped me in a lot of areas of my life," he said.

Could Gable be thinking about getting a little more active now?

The Register also has a report out of DC on Leach's transition, with some sad pictures of Leach packing up.