Thursday, November 30, 2006


WPost's Broder gives Leach Goodbye Treatment

You'll want to check out David Broder's column in the Washington Post this morning, which gives our outgoing Congressman Jim Leach some going-away love.

I'm really not sure that I buy the argument that the internet gambling bill had anything to do with his loss -- it sounds to me like a special interest group trying to take advantage of a coincidence for their own gain -- I think it's much more likely that it's the fact that Leach sat in one of the bluest Republican-held congressional district in the entire nation.

Still, it's a decent read and some interesting nuggets, including Leach's praise of Mitt Romney. Though I know this is no suprise to Jeff Fuller, I'm not sure that's a pairing I would have predicted.

You're right! I'm not surprised. Romney is a "synthesizer" kind of candidate. He's a good and likable person, a smart and wise man, "wicked smart", attractive, and articulate. You'll see many camps unting with Romney including centrists and conservatives.

Thanks for the mention here!
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