Sunday, November 19, 2006


We Warned You . . .

One of the few joys from the results of Election Night has been the opportunity to watch Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi attempt to lead the disparate factions of her party to try to govern. I have not doubt that she will continue to provide much amusement over the coming months -- if you can forget that the Democrats are playing with the future of our country.

After the Caucus slapped down Pelosi's pick to help lead the most ethical Congress in history, her choice to be Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Charlie Rangel has once again begun pushing for a return of the draft:
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, the incoming chairman of the House of
Representatives' tax-writing committee, said he would introduce legislation
to reinstate the draft as soon as the new, Democratic-controlled Congress
convenes in January.

Asked on CBS' "Face the Nation" if he was still serious about the proposal
for a universal draft he raised a couple of years ago, he said, "You bet your
life. Underscore serious."
More on Rangel's comments here and here. Hold on to your hats, it's going to be a wild ride. And just wait till our Big Lug gets back from his "How to be a Governor" retreat in West Virginia .

UPDATE: By the way, speaking of Chet's training weekend, why do you suppose he missed out on the official group photograph? I'm just speculating, but given his history -- showing up late for just about every event I've seen in Iowa City, and his first post-election press conference, maybe he learned the rest of the world doesn't always live on Chet-time.