Thursday, November 02, 2006


Via Krusty: Huge SOA race development

Most of the people reading this blog are already going to vote for Bill Northey, the Republican candidate for Secretary of Agriculture. There has been a development that all Iowans need to know about, especially those who don't pay a whole lot of attention to the down-ballot races. Tell your family and friends, this is important:
State Representative Clel Baudler, member of the Iowa House of Representatives Agriculture Committee, called on Denise O'Brien to explain the [intentional] animal cruelty charges filed by the Cass County Sheriff in 1987 before voters go to the polls next Tuesday.
Denise O'Brien, the Democrat nominee for Ag Secretary, has successfully kept the intentional cruelty charges off the radar during this campaign. However, she must explain why Iowans should entrust the highest agricultural office in the state to someone who's family farm was cite for intentional cruelty to animals.

I have to say, if the shoe was on the other foot and some hypothetical GOP SOA nominee had inflicted intentional cruelty on his/her livestock, I wouldn't be able to vote for him/her. Even with all of O'Brien's promises of tofu and organic rutabaga, I would hope Democrats would backbone up and at the very least not vote in this race. Any chance?

Update: More at State 29. (As always, be warned: State 29 isn't entirely work/family friendly.)

O'Brien is attempting to come in as a stealth candidate..she says she's a mainstream supporter of agriculture when the exact opposite is true.

There is only one full time farmer in the race for Secretary of Agriculture and that's Bill Northey.
Here's a link to mainstream media report on the development.
I bet the D's are kicking themselves a million times over for not having voted for Terry.
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