Friday, November 03, 2006


Foege: Misleading Voters....Misleading District 29

Ro Foege is up to his old tricks again of misleading the consituents he claims to represent in House District 29.

Foege's campaign sent out a mailer to residents of District 29 with following claims:

"Ro led the fight to pass legislation to make it harder for government to condemn private property rights"
"Ro's legislation now makes the government, and not the landowner, prove it has a good reason to take your property"

What's wrong with these statements? Neither one of them are TRUE.

The eminent domain legislation, HF 2351, was submitted by the House Judiciary Committee, of which Ro Foege is a member of. This legislation was in no way, shape or form created by Rep. Foege himself as he claims.

Ro Foege didn't "lead" any efforts to advance this important legislation through the Iowa Legislature as well.

Here's the real story..It was our own Rep. Jeff Kauffman who lead the fight for these important reforms as the floor manager of the legislation in the Iowa House.

Ro Foege himself even admitted in a Guest Opinion piece in the Iowa City Press-Citizen from July 13, 2006 that he was merely a co-sponsor of the legislation only. The opinion piece was written AFTER the veto of the legislation was overriden by the Iowa Legislature.

The only other mention Foege makes about the legislation is an entry on his website stating he voted for it.

That's a far cry from leading any efforts to pass the legislation as Foege claims he did. A Google search of Foege's involvement with the eminent domain legislation shows little in the way of action taken by Foege advocating the bill.

Don't be mislead by exaggerated claims of leadership by someone who doesn't have the record to back it up with. The real story with Ro Foege and the eminent domain reforms is simple--Foege was a backbench supporter, with no real involvement in passing of the legislation.

Its time for a change in District 29. That change is to elect Emma Nemecek on November 7th!

What if the D's do get the majority back in the House? Pat Murphy becomes the Speaker. Gee, isn't that the same Pat Murphy who voted against the over-ride. Mmmm, if D's get control of the House this issue comes back to life.
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