Saturday, November 04, 2006


Deniese O'Brien Lee Enterprise Papers: Adding Lying to voters to Intentional Animal Cruelty?

Update: The Women, Food and Agriculture problem was with the newspaper. The intentional animal cruelty issue is still O'Brien's.

It sounds like O'Brien's litany of desperate excuses has at least one major flaw. O'Brien claimed she was not even on the farm at the time her cattle were left to starve to death due to her activity with the Women, Food, and Agriculture Network. However, that organization was not even founded until 1994, seven years later. What gives?

Do you think Northey's slogan for the next 3 days will run something like this: "You can't trust Denise O'Brien to tend livestock, you can't trust her to tell the truth, and you can't trust her with Iowa's agriculture."

More at South of Iowa and State 29 (Standard disclaimer: State 29 has interesting commentary coupled with vulgarity of all stripes. Avoid if you're easily offended).

How can you trust someone like this with the future of Iowa ag?
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