Monday, November 06, 2006


Crowd Comes for Obama, Walks Out on Culver

I wonder what advisor thought that Chet Culver could keep around the crowd who came to see Barack Obama. The Des Moines Register report on the rally downtown includes the following nuggets:

Following Obama's speech, much of the crowd dispersed while Culver still
spoke. While some said they were attracted by Obama, people seemed to split as
to whether he was the only candidate drawing a crowd.

"If he wasn't here, it'd still be 75 percent of the crowd," said Iowa City
resident Daniel Loptka.

However, for University of Iowa students Adam Katz and Ethan Gill, and
others who were filing out, most of the supporters were there for Obama."A good
majority" of the crowd, said Katz, came for the Illinois senator, "because he
could be the future president."

I suspect the latter. I know of more than a few Republicans that were curious about seeing Obama and were considering holding their nose at being in the same place as Culver,Harkin, Loebsack, et. al.

Back to work ... we're over halfway through our 72-hour efforts. It's been an amazing weekend. See you at the victory party!