Friday, October 27, 2006


Press-Citizen: "We need to send Jim Leach back to Washington"

The Press-Citizen endorsed Congressman Jim Leach for re-election this morning:
Given the polarized nature of contemporary political debate, the last
message we want to send to our political leaders in Washington is that they will
be punished electorally for failing to toe the party line. This is especially
true for a congressman who has served his constituents well for 30 years. Thus,
we endorse Republican Rep. Jim Leach for re-election to the U.S. Congress.

. . .

[T]rue moderates like Leach are a desperately endangered species that we as
a nation cannot allow to become extinct. We need statesmen who can translate and
can negotiate between their more ideological colleagues. Leach is proof positive
that representatives of the same political party as the president need not be
rubber stamps for that president's desires.

We need to send Jim Leach back to Washington, and we need to encourage him
to be a more assertive moderate.

If you haven't been following, they also endorsed Republicans, State Senator David Miller and State Rep. Jeff Kauffman.