Monday, October 30, 2006


Foege: Bought and Paid For By Special Interests

The race for House District 29 took an interesting turn this past week with the financial disclosures filed by the candidates running for office in this District.

The 10 year incumbent, Ro Foege, Democrat, Mount Vernon, reported taking a very hefty sum of $41,000 in donations for the period from July 19th to October 19th.

However, a deeper look at the numbers reveal a very disturbing picture.

Of the $41,000 dollars, nearly 53% or $24,000 came from PACs. An additional 32% or $11,000 of his donations came from OUTSIDE of Linn and Johnson counties. Only 15% of Foege's donations came from within Linn and Johnson Counties. A grand total of 43 PAC donations were made to Foege's campaign.

So what does this say about the current Representative from District 29? Answer: His allegiances are bought and paid for by the Democrat special interest lobby.

Ro Foege has bragged for years about how well he represents the people of District 29.
The facts however, tell a far different story.

The votes that Ro Foege has cast prove that he is merely a tool of the special interests. For example, Foege voted AGAINST allowing small businesses and associations to pool together to gain lowered health insurance costs.

Foege also voted to have taxpayers repay every dime that was wasted in the CIETC scandal by fraudulent and criminal mismanagement of taxpayer dollars.

Foege also voted against the so called "People's Amendment" which would have required a majority vote of the people of Iowa before any tax increase would be enacted.

So, you ask what is the solution to the problem that is representative Ro Foege? Simple...Elect Emma Nemecek to House District 29 on November 7th.

Emma is the hardest working candidate for Iowa House in the entire state, having door-knocked on over 15,000 doors in House District 29. Homes across the district are sprouting a wave of blue Nemecek for House yard signs.

Its time for a change in House District 29. Its time for a leader who's not beset by the special interests. That leader is Emma Nemecek.

And in his prior disclosures he took little PAC money. One could argue that Ro, realizing that he actually had to campaign for his seat, went to his friends...the special interests. What we need is someone not influenced by the big PAC's, someone like Emma. Heck, she even has hardly any support from the State party, so you know that she will be an independent voice of the people.
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