Saturday, October 28, 2006


Des Moines Register has officially lost it

I am generally skeptical of claims of a liberal media bias -- yes the media has a number of biases including toward conflict, simple story-lines, and others, but I normally hold out that it's predominantly not ideological. And yes, I know that editorial endorsements are the one time when the media are supposed to take a political stand -- but I had no idea (or at least had deluded myself into forgetting) how out of touch the Register editorial board truly is.

Not only did they endorse Iowa's need for a "big lug" (yes, that's what they called him), bu they endorsed every Democrat congressional candidate except for our own Congressman Jim Leach. Leach certainly deserves their endorsement (and our votes on Nov. 7), but I couldn't help but feel like the only reason they chose not to toe the entire party line was to give themselves at least the appearance of objectivity.

Endorsing neophyte Selden Spencer over one of our most experienced and hardworking Representatives, Tom Latham? And they're really tilting at windmills to suggest with any seriousness that voters should defeat Steve King. I expected their usual defense of Boswell and support of Braley -- but what really sold them on Braley was his "respect for the U.S. Constitution"???? That's about as good as using support of apple pie, the Fourth of July and ethanol a basis of support. The Constitution is an amazing document, and I love it too, but Republicans are the ones who support Judges who actually follow it.

And then back to "the big lug".... wow, you couldn't ask for a better Extreme Makeover than the Register gave him. You can honestly disagree with either of the candidates on the issues, and I fully expected the Register Editorial Board to disagree with Nussle on several, but to suggest that Culver is more diligent, prepared, and well-thought-out that Nussle is unbelievable. They must not have watched the debates I saw -- or else they're just bitter that Nussle only stomachs reading their paper once a day.

I might have to reconsider even that.

UPDATE: Here's Krusty's take on the Register's endorsements.