Saturday, October 21, 2006


Chet Culver for sale.

$25,000 is all it takes to get Chet Culver in your pocket. While Jim Nussle led the charge to get Touchplay slot machines out of Iowa's gas stations, grocery stores, and restraunts, Chet was silent. Bill Krause, Kum & Go kingpin and one of the predatory purveyors of Touchplay machines who are suing Iowa's taxpayers, was once a Nussle supporter. Krause swapped sides when he realized that Jim Nussle would not sell out our state. It seems Krause has found a willing partner in Chet Culver. Culver's charging $25,000 for his new found interest in returning slot machines on every street corner. Pretty cheap price for your principles, Chet.

Also: Krause's behavior should cause Iowans to think twice before filling our tanks at Kum & Go.

This really shows the Dems true face. But can we answer?
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