Monday, September 18, 2006


Two weeks, four polls, and one third of one percent

Iowa Ennui has a characteristically good analysis of the recent deluge of polls in the governor's race. Bottom line:
[I]f this race doesn’t break for either candidate, it’s going to hinge on turnout, and if a turnout advantage fails, then we can all look forward to Chet’s SOS team counting ballots on the Friday after the election.
Tell your friends why Nussle/VanderPlaats make the best team to energize Iowa's future, let them know about the ways Chet Culver has failed Iowa as Secretary of State, and get them to vote.

I don't know if there's interest, but I just saw the first TV spot for the 2008 GOP primaries. It features Republican John Cox of Illinois. It's really a good ad.
Did you see it on TV?
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