Saturday, September 16, 2006


Republicans gather for Iowa-Iowa State Game

Republicans from around the state gathered before the Iowa-Iowa State game to show their support for Jim Nussle, Bob Vander Plaats and our other Republican candidates, while cheering on the Hawkeyes or Cyclones.

The Nussle team even had special limited-edition stickers! (They had some made in Cardinal and Gold, but I hear they weren't nearly as popular -- and you wouldn't expect me to post those colors on a Johnson County website, would you?)

Great food and drinks, pleasant weather, a fabulous location just behind the Press Box, and 100,000 of your closest friends from the state provided a good time for all.

UPDATE: Here's the Daily Iowan's coverage of the tailgate.

PHOTO BELOW: Bob Vander Plaats visits with local Republican, John Nesbitt, while Jim Nussle samples some of the delicious food behind him.

Jim Nussle shares a laugh with Dorree Eckhoff, his Johnson County campaign co-chair.

Bob Vander Plaats introduces Republican Secretary of Agriculture Candidate Bill Northey to three of his sons, Hans, Josh, and Logan, who are (of course) decked out the proper team's attire.

In addition, we were joined by some othere Republicans officials and candidates including our Congressman, Jim Leach . . .

. . . Senator Chuck Grassley (who, I hear helped open the new auto race track last in Newton last night) . . .

and first congressional district candidate Mike Whalen, who also had his own tailgate spot with a bus with a Whalen banner a couple dozen yards away