Thursday, August 17, 2006


Press-Citizen Biased?

Fellow Johnson County blogger, Mike Thayer at Sick of Spin, has been doing a series of posts looking at the Press-Citizen and its biases in editing stories, selecting stories, and editorializing.

Not that any of our readers probably need help realizing that the daily rag in the people's republic of johnson county is a bit more than left-of-center, he still makes some well-researched points that I had not realized. Check them out -- and good work, Mike!

Thanks CC!
I may need your help folks, apparently the word has gotten out among the liberals about a poll I'm running about whether the PC is liberal, Conservative, or fair. They're voting 'Conservative' to taint the poll.

Understanding the poll is not scientific, I'm not asking you to stack the vote, I'm just asking you to help get the word out and participate in the poll as you see fit. The truth will come out with honorable people participating in the poll.

Thank you,

Mike Thayer
Hiya Mike Baby.. How you doin since we kinda wrecked your persona over at the GOP blog.. HA HA

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