Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Kerry--Now Thinks He Won in 2004...

People thought that perhaps John Kerry had decided to accept the fact that he lost to President Bush in 2004. Well, guess not. Kerry is sending an fundraising email for Ohio Democratic Party Governor candidate Ted Strickland to 100,000 Democratic donors alleging election impropriety by Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell-(R) as the reason why he lost in 2004.

Kerry states "He used the power of his state office to intimidate Ohioans and suppress the Democratic vote" Huh? Proof anyone? *sound of crickets*

A recount requested by minor party candidates showed that Bush won Ohio by well over 118,000 votes. Other groups allege that Ohio's election system discriminates against minority voters.

Fact: Over 1 million more Ohioans voted in 2004 than 2000
Fact: A record turnout by black voters was recorded in 2004 in Ohio

Now, does that sound like voter suppression? Or the delusional rantings of a failed presidential candidate who obviously couldn't accept the fact that he lost in the first place?