Monday, August 21, 2006


Fallon's fall from grace?

Ed Fallon, darling of the left during the Democrat primary, and supposed paragon of political virtue seems to be leaving that side of his personality behind as the general election nears. His support for Ako Abdul-Samad's quest for the statehouse has raised more than a few eyebrows. A certain godblogger of the Iowa blog scene (who sported a "Vote Fallon" ad on his/her site) had this to say about the situation:
I must say that I'm very disappointed that Ed Fallon is continuing to support Ako Abdul-Samad's bid to become a State Representative after all that's come out about missing paperwork at Creative Visions and Ako's own "rubber stamp" behavior on the board of CIETC.

Mainstream Iowan has more on the situation.

Former Cyclone receiver Jack Whitiver is opposing Abdul-Samad. Don't hold the Cyclone bit against him.

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