Sunday, August 06, 2006


Democrat accuses SOS Candidate Mauro of Corruption

The Des Moines Register this morning has an interesting article that sheds some light on the corrupt Polk County Democrat political machine.

Polk County Record Tim Brien, who lost his bid to be re-elected in the Democrat Primary, accuses Democrat Secretary of State Candidate Michael Mauro of conspiring to oust him. Furthermore, he explains that he chose not to challenge the close election, because he knew Mauro wouldn't have conducted the process fairly.

If a Democrat doesn't trust Mauro to administer the duties of his office fairly and impartially, how in the world can Iowans of all political stripes trust him to do so as Secretary of State?
As Iowans learn more about the Mauro Machine the answer will become clear -- we can't.

Now, Republicans just need to find a new candidate to run against him.

We should draft Cedar Rapids City Councilwoman Sarah Henderson to run for SOS! She actually has election experience having been the spokesperson of that office for Paul Pate. She's proven that she's electable in Iowa's 2nd largest city and is from Eastern Iowa to boot. She's a bright young star in the GOP and knows Iowa's politics and how to win a campaign. Not to mention she's smoking hot.
Sarah is an outstanding person and is doing a heckuva job in CR on the City Council..however, Sarah isn't qualified YET to run for such an important office.

The person to run for SoS needs to have experience in running elections and can market this state as an economic ambassador.

The Iowa GOP needs to find another county auditor in this state willing to step forward in this last 90 days to mount a credible challenge to Mauro.
Actually, she wrote the Generation Vote and Iowa Kid's Caucus programs for the state (the trademarked stuff) and is well versed on the inner workings of running statewide elections as that is a requirement to speak on behalf of the office about those issues.

She would be stupid to to do it for the party at this point though. Lots of people have asked her just as they did Pate etc. but nobody is willing to poney up the dough to pay for such a race.

I agree the future is VERY bright for Sarah. Bright like a Green Lightsabre!
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