Monday, August 28, 2006


DCCC pulls a fast one on Iowa's media outlets

Thursday the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it was cutting its ad buy for one of the least effective congressmen in DC, Leonard Boswell. The Dems tried to spin this as a vote of confidence in Boswell, but the facts tell a completely different story. Take it away Krusty:
What really happened is the DCCC clearly overbought. If you look at this article from The Hill can see that the DCCC made a $51 million dollar ad buy, but they only had $32 million on hand at the end of June. According to the Hotline, the DCCC only raised $4.2 million in August and had $35 million on hand. Any way you slice it, the DCCC overbought, especially when you consider that TV buys aren’t their only expense. They were forced to cut down their buy because they don’t have the resources.
A little digging would have revealed this to any reporter interested in the truth. That's obviously not these guys. It is delusional to see this as anything but a positive for Lamberti and continued GOP control of the House.