Thursday, August 24, 2006


Culver up Poop Creek over crackpot investment schemes.

You know he's stepped in it big time when the Daily Iowan comes out swinging aginst the (special-interest-and-out-of-state-funded) Democratic nominee.
A recent issue of contention is Democratic candidate for governor Chet Culver's investment proposal for the Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System - and, as Republican candidate Jim Nussle points out, his plan is a bad move to make.
See also: Krusty.

Now before the Culver response team hits the blog..I'll make a pre emptive strike on the radio response Team Culver has been playing on the radio.

First off..trying to say that Nussle's support of Social Security Reform is bad..while Chet's idea is good is patently stupid on its face.

I would hope that Nussle in any sort of debate with Chet would ask Chet why he and other Democrats are so opposed to giving citizens the ability to invest a portion of our Social Security savings but is for goverment doing the same thing with public pensions on a far riskier scale.

Oh sure, Chet will go back to the tried and true Democrat tactic of calling Social Security Reform "privatization" to scare the bujesus out of the elderly..but what should we expect? Democrats havent come up with a single idea about how to reform Social Security in the first place.

Second, the ad tries to imply that since Chet was a teacher himself (for only two years, mind you) that he somehow understands what IPERS funds mean to the Iowans who've invested in them.

Hmm..apparently not since only a complete fool would propose such an idea to pander for votes.

The funds managers who run IPERS have a duty to seek out the best returns possible for the investments they make for their clients, being the state employees of Iowa.

There's a reason why IPERS funds are currently only investing 1.5% of funds in venture capital..its risky...odds are good that the investment will result in a loss. Hence, why the low percentage placed in these investments.

What Team Culver seems to not get is that their campaign is writing spending checks to special interest groups that our state government won't be able to cash..and you think Iowa's in a bad budget situation now..just wait!!
Chet stupid.
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