Monday, August 28, 2006


Culver Snubs Iowa City

The news out today is that Chet Culver has rejected five of the eight invitations from the media to join Jim Nussle in a debates, including one debate proposed to be hosted by KWWL here in Iowa City. Jim Nussle accepted this invitation to debate here (as well as the other seven), because as he says:
The debate process is meant to benefit the public and should be designed to
include as many Iowans as possible from across the state. Iowans deserve
to hear directly from the candidates running for Governor about their vision for
the state’s future.
Jim Nussle wants to take his campaign to all parts of the state, including here in Johnson County. In fact, he'll be here this week, helping us open our new County Headquarters.

It sure tells you how scared Chet is to let the public see him side-by-side with Jim Nussle, when he's not even willing to debate in one of the most Democrat-friendly counties in the state. Maybe there's something to the fact that I continue to run into Democrats and Independents around town who know that Jim is right leader for our state, regardless of his party. After all, Chet did come in 3rd place here in Johnson County, geting only 26% of the vote in June.