Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Vilsack's Veto: Time to Override

This week, state legislators will be meeting in a Special Session in Des Moines to attempt a historic override of Governor Vilsack's veto of eminent domain reform legislation.

When Governor Vilsack vetoed this legislation a couple of months ago, he vetoed a bill that had the support of over 80 members of the Iowa House and over 40 members of the Senate. The bill had major bipartisan support from our legislators. That is except, for the Johnson County Democratic Party legislators.

that's right, all of the Johnson County Democrat legislators (except for Vicki Lensing, who failed to vote on the bill at all), voted AGAINST the protection of the private property rights of Iowa citizens.

What is extremely interesting to note however, is that these legislators are voting against principles that the Johnson County Democratic Party and Iowa Democratic Party platforms both call for. So, not only are these legislators and the Governor standing against Iowans, they're standing against their own political party!

Our own Rep. Jeff Kauffman will be floor managing the eminent domain legislative override effort in the Iowa House on July 14th. Jeff has asked all of us here in Johnson County who support protecting private property rights to contact these legislators here in Johnson County to tell them to stand up and support this all important legislation.

An override of Governor's veto has not occurred in Iowa since 1963. More importantly, this will send a clear message to the Governor that Iowan's private property rights MUST be protected.

This is an issue that transcends political parties and/or liberal/conservative differences. Protecting private property rights are something that all citizens should stand up for.

However, we say this to those who chose to stand against the override legislation this week: They do so at their own elective peril. Iowans are watching this issue VERY closely and will not hesitate to vote out any legislator who chooses to stand with the Governor on this issue.

So again, we ask all citizens in Johnson County and elsewhere in the state to contact their state legislator and tell them to support the override legislation!

Good job legislature! In overwhelming fashion they tossed Vilshack's notion of eminent domain out the window on July 14th.
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