Sunday, July 23, 2006


Republicans Join Solon Beef Days Parade

Today marked the Sixth Parade of the summer season for the Johnson County Republicans, when they joined Solon to celebrate the 35th annual Solon Beef Days. (As an aside, Beef Days is a fabulous small-town festival -- you can learn more than you ever wanted to know at their website).

We had a great crowd of volunteers showing their support for all the Republican candidates, including Congressman Jim Leach who was present and walking in the parade.

PHOTO RIGHT: Congressman Leach visiting with Johnson County Republican Leah Adams.

We are also surprised by the appearance of a 2008 Presidential hopeful, Illinois Businessman John Cox. He was joined by three staff members. Cox walked the parade, introducing himself while his staff passed out literature. By the end of the route I think I could have stood in for him: "I'm John Cox. I'm running for President. There are too many career politicians in Washington." He can stay on message.

He seemed like a nice enough guy -- as a former county chair, he was very interested in helping this year with grassroots party-building and as a former executive with a potato chip company, I learned that there's nothing better than a fresh potato chip right after its been fried. Gotta love living in Iowa.

PHOTO RIGHT: Cox beginning the parade and visiting with a Solon resident.

PHOTO BELOW: Cox visiting after the parade Leach volunteer/ Cedar Rapids City Councilwoman Sarah Henderson.

That's not Jim Leach, it's an imposter. Where's the sweater?
Emma Nemecek was at the parade as she participates in just about everyone in her district. No pictures? I thought it was only Linn County that ignored her.
I am curious as well. Where are pictures of Emma? Aren't you supporting all of the candidates?
sheesh. somebody's got way too much time on their hands to complain. only one camera, never got a good shot of Emma on Saturday, nor Rich Benn or Alan Curry, who were also in the parade and working hard. All of them have had have their photos in previous posts and will continue to do be in posts in the future.
My son would have love to see Rich Benn as he missed him when he passed by my house. Heard he was there but no mention of him. Can't believe that !
Hey Corny, I bet it's pretty hard to get pictures of Emma when she wasn't walking with the rest of the republicans. How come her group didn't join the county caravan?
I was asked to join the Republican float. I was in the back and there was no way I could make my way forward ahead of the other float. But no one offered to hold the Republican group and let other float passed so I could join our Republican group. Thank you all for your support.
Anon 9:26 - No need to get nasty. If you want to trash talk people, head over to the Komments on Krusty -- they're no-holds-barred over there -- or come to a meeting an air your gripes about the parade coordination in person.

Emma - thanks for reading. Keep up the great work! I still miss YOUR blog, so if you ever want to post over here about how your campaign is going, drop me a line.
I've enjoyed meeting so many of our Johnson and Linn County GOPers by participating at the North Liberty, Tiffin, and Solon Parades!

I've had the opportunity to have great conversations with Jim Leach at some of these local events about political/moral issues. He is a respectful man and honorable politician.
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