Friday, July 28, 2006


RAGBRAI welcomed to Johnson County by Nussle & Leach

RAGBRAI rolled into Johnson County this morning, and volunteers for Jim Nussle's campaign for governor and Jim Leach's congressional campaign were there to meet them. The Nussle campaign organized a water station, giving away free bottles of ice-cold water to the riders passing by. (PHOTO ABOVE: Leah Adams hands a water bottle to a cow riding past)

It was a gorgeous (though hot and muggy) day, and it was great fun to greet riders from across the state. We got lots of cheers, made some new friends, and showed some good Republican hospitality. The riders have come to look forward to seeing the green signs across the state -- the campaign has been organizing water stops every day of RAGBRAI. Today, we were set up shortly after one of the steepest hills of the entire route.

(PHOTO RIGHT: Larry Ihde, field representative for Jim Leach hands water to a RAGBRAI rider)

Several riders remembered seeing Jim and Karen Nussle, who rode the first day's route. Tomorrow, Bob and Darla Vander Plaats will be riding the final day of the route -- so keep an eye out for their appearance in Coralville!

Thanks to everyone else who showed up to help too, including Dorree Eckhoff, Carol Ann Christiansen, Chuck Seberg, Sam Langholz, and Paul Behrend -- many of whom are pictured below, as well as Brian DiDonato with the Nussle Campaign. Also a special thanks to Chuck Klein for letting us camp out in front of his home and to his grandaughter who helped hand out water.

Here's a few more photos -- you can click on each picture to view it larger:

Outstanding job Republican TEAM!

Great job on weathering the heat and doing a great job for the Nussle/Leach campaigns!
Oh..a bit of info that I think needs to be out there.. just up the road from the Republican water station..the Dems had their own water station..except..they had the NERVE to charge riders for the water!!! 1.00 a bottle!
I heard one of the riders comment on this too, but didn't actually see the Dems doing it. i figured he was joking -- are you sure they were?
If that is true then it is hilarious.
great pictures
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