Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Parades! Parades! Parades!

I managed to break away from the ice baths and aloe vera gel to post a quick update and share some photos. This commentator neglected to properly deck out in sunscreen and is now suffering the consequences of spending 8 hours out in the sun on a gorgeous 4th of July.

The day started out with the 2-1/2 mile Coralville Parade. Below, you can see the crew getting ready to start with march, and a few of the homemade signs supporting Jim Nussle and Jim Leach. We were joined by State House candidate Emma Nemecek, and Supervisor Candidate Rich Benn. Congressman Jim Leach was also walking in the parade -- but he had an entry and dozens of volunteers up closer to the front of the route, presumably so that he could continue on his rounds around the district.

As the photo below shows, somehow we ended up only one entry away from the Johnson County Democrats. With the exception of a man walking around us with a "Peace is Patriotic" sign, however, the kept to themselves -- so not any interesting stories to share. You can also see the lucky entry, a very friendly Christian School, that got to separate us.

After a short break to grab lunch, the hearty souls reassembled in Oxford for the second parade of the day.

And after a jaunt down to the other end of the county, we finished the day with an evening parade in Hills. This was a classic small-town parade, much of it through a residential neighborhood with folks watching from their porches. County Supervisor Candidate Alan Curry joined us, after having spent his morning at the Sharon Center parade. It was also great to see State Representative Sandy Greiner and State Senator David Miller, who represent much of southern Johnson County as Republicans in the legislature. The photo below capture two of the hearty souls who stayed with us the entire day, Dr. Hanes Swingle and Randy Crawford.

Gee, Corny... Krusty's friend? I hope it doesn't go to your head. :)
Thanks to all that came out to support our candidates. Let's keep up the good work Johnson County.
I was assuming he was referring to you G.O.C. Team effort, JCR Blog is.
Yoda? Is that you?
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