Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Missing Pictures?

So . . . did you miss seeing one of our local candidates at a recent parade? Need to put a face with the names you've been reading about or hearing from your friends?

Never say this this commenator doesn't listen to the back-seat bloggers. I've dug back through the photo archives of our marathon of parades and am posting a few never-before-seen images that didn't make it on the first-time around. As directors are fond of saying on deleted-scenes DVD audio commentaries, "these were some of my favorite shots -- it was sad to see them end up on the cutting room floor, and I'm glad that they're now getting this chance to see the light of day. . . "

State House Candidate Emma Nemecek (left), along with her Campaign Manager Tim DeMuth (center) and Linn County GOP Chair Dan Abolins (right) getting ready for the Oxford Parade on July 4th.

County Supervisor Candidate Rich Benn in his always-snazzy car, along the parade route in Tiffin on July 1st.

County Supervisor Candidate Alan Curry, and his son, walking in the Tiffin Parade.

Don't currently have any parade photos for our othe Republican legislators -- gonna have to stay tuned for coming attractions.

I've enjoyed meeting so many of our Johnson and Linn County GOPers by participating at the North Liberty, Tiffin, and Solon Parades! Great people supporting great candidates! Lets all keep it up!
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