Monday, July 17, 2006


Hillary Clinton attacks Secretaries of State Running for Governor

While campaigning in Ohio last week, Hillary Clinton said some strange things that her good friend Chet Culver should find disturbing. It seems she doesn't think Secretaries of State should be allowed to run for higher office.

Here's one AP Story:

Without naming him, Clinton suggested on the last day of ACORN's national convention that Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has a conflict of interest in running the bellwether state's next election because he is running for governor.

"That should not permitted," Clinton said, to screams and cheers from the crowd.
The New York senator urged ACORN members "don't let anyone pull anything over your eyes again."

and some more from another:

"I know that year was a problem here in Ohio and I hope, everybody
from Ohio, you watch this election like a hawk," Clinton told the gathering.
"Don't let them pull anything over your eyes again.
I mean, I find it
amazing that one of the people running for high office is actually running the elections. That should not be permitted
Either somebody forgot to tell the good Senator that several Democrat Secretaries of State, including our own Chet Culver, are running for Governor this year, or else she's trying to tell us something. The irony is, as the article points out, Ohio's elections are primarily administered by local bipartisan county boards anyway, and none of the Democrats claims of irregularties in 2004 have been found to have any merit.

Then again, given that Chet Culver has already shown that he's willing to put partisan interests above his official responsibilities, when he refused to release the election results on 2004, in an attempt to gain partisan advantage, perhaps Senator Clinton has a point. Perhaps we should be watching like a hawk with Chet and his cronies, Mike Mauro in Polk County and Tom Slockett here in Johnson County and the other machine Democrats in charge of our elections.

UPDATE: So, apparently, I'm a little slow on the trigger, and this all actually happened last week ... I could have sworn that I read something this Monday that made it sound like it had just occured. Radio Iowa got Culver to comment, and Iowa Ennui has some good posts. Also, check out National Review Online.