Sunday, July 16, 2006


A few more additions ...

When I took the time to add the RPI Blog to the iowa blog roll, I also added two other new conservative iowa blogs, that I have enjoyed reading recently. If you have not yet checked them out, do so -- I hope they both keep up:

Caucus Cooler - focused on providing an "insider's perspective" to the 2008 Republican Caucuses. It's only been online for a week, but so far an interesting read.

The Real Sporer - written by the Polk County GOP Chair and state central committee member Ted Sporer, the posts have been a bit sporadic so far, but I hear that he's a busy guy, and we're particularly excited to have another county gop-focused blog. The most current post as I write, includes the interesting news that Polk County will be holding a special nominating convention to nominate candidates for several house seats, county treasurer and county recorder (in which the democrat was recently ousted in the primary). What a great sign of a vibrant party!

Thanks for the link! Keep an eye on CC for the best caucus coverage...
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